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Advanced Radar Detector

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It's better to be safe than sorry - this handy Radar Detector alerts you whenever it detects signals from a cop's radar gun. This allows you to slow down before you have the chance of getting a ticket.

- Plugs Into Any Cigarette Lighter/12v Socket

- Easy Set-Up (includes dash mounting pad)

- Full 16 Band Detection (K, KA Laser, etc.)

- Detects Signals Up To 1,000+ Feet Away

- Detects Signals 360° Around Your Car

Function operation:

Quick Instruction Guide
Plug the product on the car charger, and it starts work
Voice adjustment: to press the ldquoDNrdquo or ldquoUPrdquo button shortly.
City Mode/High way mode: (High way mode is the default setting): to press the middle button shortly.
Exchange of Language: to press the middle button for about 10s.
To make the signal only showing on the display screen, mute setting: when there is signal received and when it is making vocal alerting, just to press button rdquoUPrdquo button shortly.
Vocal alerting: to re-plug the product on the car charger. It will back to vocal alerting again from the status of mute


Package Includes:

1 x V9 Car Speed Detector

1 x Car Charger

1 x Anti-slip Mat

1 x Bilingual User Manual in English and Russian